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Bangor Physiotherapy

Bangor Physiotherapy offers a dedicated approach to patient care. Our Bangor Physiotherapists are able to offer Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Sports Injury Treatment, Podiatry, Chiropody, Gait Analysis, and other therapies. Each Physiotherapist has a wealth of clinical experience and expertise available. This provides patients with the opportunity for the best physiotherapy treatment available, which aids and enhances patient recovery.

Based in Bangor, we also provide physiotherapy to the surrounding local towns. Bangor Physiotherapy is dedicated to a pro-active preventative approach to injuries. This means our physiotherapists have close liaisons with local sports clubs and coaches to provide sports injury, and treatment advice. Bangor Physio has continuing liaison with local GPs, Consultants and other Health professionals in the area.

All of our team are fully qualified and very experienced physiotherapists. Our backgrounds are varied which offers our clients a wide range skills and a practical "hands on" approach. Please take a more in-depth look at our physiotherapy team by clicking on the links below.

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